Focusing on you

We’re passionate about what we do!

Our team consists of talented professional graphic designers, programmers, IT professionals, editors, artists, and copy writers that are passionate about what they do. We understand the value of treating people to an experience as opposed to just a service.

We operate our corporate office in Columbus, OH, where we’ve created, planned and launched projects for companies all over the USA.

Our focus is on assisting non-profits, small businesses, corporate companies and government agencies in developing effective print and web-based marketing media that create a professional corporate image.

We are sincere in our approach to assist you in marketing and advertising. We hope that you’ll call on us to help you with your next project.



We are an employee owned company that networks to find the best and brightest to serve our clients and our community while doing it all in a timely, fun, and friendly atmosphere.


People, with their individuality, are our most valuable asset. We believe that in combining work with fun, excitement, enthusiasm, creativity, and new ideas we can offer those same traits to all our clients. There is a value in our employee’s history and culture which cannot be quantified, but which makes us distinctly different from our competition and provides us and those we work with and for an advantage in the marketplace. Our individuality, methods, and attitudes make us stand out in the crowd as a little bit different. We not only like being different, we excel at it!

“Making your business a success, makes our business successful.”

– Shell Franklin
Project Manager

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