Design on a Stick has been with us for years and has distinguished themselves as truly professional marketers with a wide and varied service offering. Design on a Stick has worked with our new theme every year to design us the best convention website on the net! I highly recommend Design on a stick whether you’re just looking to implement a website or to totally revolutionize your business.

Dale Mazzola

Shell is the type of individual that always was ahead of the technology curve, always knew how to make everything work and always got the job done no matter what the resources he did or did not have. Shell was the “go to” person for technology and always got it done.

Mark Luden

Shell is a technological wizard. His skills in the computer industry are superior and his deductive reasoning talents are truly amazing. He is a tremendous problem solver and works through any project with diligent focus.  Additionally, Shell is a very strong team player and works well with a group. I found Shell to be one of the most fascinating and genuine people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. He is willing to brainstorm and offer professional support. Shell is a true professional and amazing colleague.

Beth Kelly

Shell worked for me during the high-growth days of invata. Shell is a highly intelligent, well organized, flexible individual, who effectively managed the IT requirements of a rapidly growing and changing workforce. He was responsible for all of our IT & Infrastructure. Shell made sure everybody had the equipment the needed, functioning as needed, and always within both the time & dollar budget. He was effective at creatively solving the problems in his department. Additionally he was great at interacting with the other teams, and helping to solve their problems too.

John Veney

Shell is a talented, detail-oriented individual who effectively manages his department and provides encouragement and motivation to others in the organization. Shell is an enthusiastic worker and would be an asset to any team.

Lisa Garrison-Ragsdale

I’ve worked with Shell on many projects over the years. He has designed web sites for several organizations that I worked with. One of the ones that stand out is a site that was designed by one of my board members that just didn’t work; Shell took the basic needs and created something that stood out above anything we could have imagined. Shell has also helped with my IT needs. He pulls out all the stops to make it happen. I highly recommend him for his skills.

Trace Hagemann

Shell is a very hard worker and has excellent technical capabilities. He excels at problem solving and works well with teams to bring a project in under budget and on time. Shell is able to talk to people on many different levels which makes him a positive on the sales side as well. Beyond his computer and graphic accomplishments, Shell is a very likable person and I have always considered him an asset in both business and personal situations. I have, and always will give Shell my highest recommendations and accolades.

Scott Briley

I have known Shell to perform excellent work in the areas of web site design, programming and graphics. I have always known him to deliver his work on time as promised.

Rick Spray

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